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Default Out smarted myself

Yes, I know, It wasn't hard, this time was the most expensive so far. For the first time in six years my wife and I were taking a vacation. We rented a condo at the beach for a week. We live in a rural area surrounded by woods, the nearest neighbor is 200 yd away. We we taking my truck and leaving my wife's car and jeep. Having been robbed before I decided to hide the extra car key and both jeep keys and a few other things. I have a junked up garage and two storage rooms. I was going to put the keys in a drawer in my workbench. It comes apart unless you pull it just right so I figured that would be a good place. I made the mistake of telling my wife that. Oh, no, she said she didn't want them out there and to put them in the storage room. So right before we leave I hide my stuff in the storage room. Yes, when I got back I could not find the keys. I turned that place upside down. For good measure I searched the garage in case I did put the keys out there. Now I need to have three chipped keys replaced.

But wait, there's more. My four year old granddaughter is, shall we say, difficult. Last year she was tossed out of three day-cares and last week she was banned from her pre-K. We have been keeping her three days a week and had hoped she would be able to stay there but no. This morning after her mother dropped her off she wanted to swim in the kiddie pool we have so my wife let her go out while she got ready. The granddaughter loves to hop into cars and pretend she is driving. She jumps into the jeep that I had left unlocked and left the door open. When she heard my wife come out she jumped out, locked the door and slammed it, trapping one of our cats inside. So now I have a trapped cat doing what frightened cats do and I have to call a towing service that also unlocks cars. Now am out $70 more dollars and have a pissed in jeep.

I should have took a photo of where I put everything but I forget that I have a poor memory. So has anyone else been bit in the butt because you had a bright idea?