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Originally Posted by Weekend-Hooker View Post
I quietly sit back and look learn and listen....I've jumped on the bandwagon a few times on some stock options mentioned...back after the first run of our covid epidemic my stock portfolio took a pretty big hit...and i assume everyone still holding did...but narrowed down to 7 stocks and put it all in equally and I've More than doubled my entire stock holdings since around April, to the point its larger than my 401K I've been contributing to for 28 years...i know this bubble won't last forever and think I've become just a tad greedy...real soon I'm considering selling and investing in several Vanguard funds to ride out the elections...maybe lucky or maybe skill I don't know, but I know this roll can't go on forever...I watch my stocks throughout the day and feel like before a total crash I can escape with minimal loss but lately with 6,7,8k gains daily its hard to jump ship ...AAPL, AMD, AMZN, BABA, NVDA, PYPL, TSLA....
These have done me well the last few months but I'm sure the wave will soon crash......
I am by no means an expert, but I think your plan to move into less risky investments is wise.

It just seems as if there's been this mad buying frenzy since the market bottomed and everything's gotten out of hand. Tesla has a P/E of 1,222 !!! I just can't see how it can keep going in this direction.