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Originally Posted by Fish Haid View Post
I mean really! How lazy can people be? Buy a whole chicken, bag of onions, celery, carrots, rice - feed two people for 3 meals. Six different ways to cook it too. Or - go to a restaurant!
For us it has nothing to do with being lazy, we both work 10-11 hour days and when we get home we don't want to have to take an hour to cook and eat at 8p in the evening. It's called convenience not laziness. My wife is a great cook so she tries to make a couple of meals on the weekend that we can warm up during the week like a pot of spaghetti or mac&cheese casserole but during the week there just isn't a lot of time to cook after we get home.

I don't cook, I totally suck at it so when it's my turn to cook it's a can of soup or a tub of frozen lasagna.