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I will watch less but never formally "boycott" many things. Most of us couldn't survive if we boycotted everything we disagree with.

I will, however, quit using a product when it no longer provides value. I love football and always watched NFL games, when convenient. Several years ago i noticed 60% of the announcers speaking had nothing to do with football, so I started watching muted. Then I started noticing the camera would follow the player about whom they were speaking (like Capernick or Newton) instead of focusing on the game. I got tired of it and quit tuning in simply from fatigue, not protest. After a week, I felt like I had an additional day in my week to play or get stuff done. So it has been easy to stay away.

I usually watch Auburn on Saturday and most often one other game at a different time, but after all of the whining this year, I may just check the scores.

It has become increasingly hard to follow an event on which my very existence has no affect.