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The vf are the vmax high output engines. From what I've read an outboard is allowed to have a variance of up to 10% + or - of the advertised hp rating. A vf150 is probably close to 165hp since it's a suped up version of the f150. The f175 being a standard motor may be as low as 157.5hp or as high as 192. Either way Yamaha makes good engines. If you're good with 165hp go for it. It's only 10 less than what you wanted.

If you're not dead set on Yamaha the Merc 150 (as stated above) gets great reviews and is considered a strong 150. It's also probably the lightest in its class.

For the price of the Yamaha you could also hang a 175 or even a 200 Suzuki on the boat. Both are good, solid engines. A 150 Zuke would save you money and is a solid motor as well.

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