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Originally Posted by C3man View Post
I've seen a ton of fishing videos where people catch these things fishing wrecks and they show the full fight and the aj's are usually caught in about a minute and a half or so and hardly ever fight for more than 5 actual minutes, but people compare them pound per pound to super strong fish like like tuna and gt's and they even have the nickname reef donkey. Don't get me wrong I understand that they need to be fought hard so that they can't reach the wreck, but imo a penn senator with only 20 something pounds of max drag would not haul up a 40 pound tuna up for instance from a wreck in a couple minutes like you can an aj, Maybe it's a fight you gotta experience for yourself but based on what I've seen I don't get the big deal.
im guessing the videos you have watched have been shortened and you did not realize it.

im also guessing you have never caught one!

a 30lb AJ is not going to be caught and landed in 5 min, if you do, you have some extremely large gear and you are built like the incredible hulk!