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Originally Posted by m9000 View Post
A few weeks ago I trailered the boat 100 miles round trip to get an estimate for some work. My usual trailer trip is 1.5 miles round trip to the ramp. I topped off the bearing grease before the trip with enough grease thru the Posilube fittings to push some of the old grease out. Today I was checking on the trailer and noticed these grease spots on the hull. The port side was clean. Do I need to get the seals changed? If the seals need to be changed I'll probably go ahead and change both hubs. The grease spots were about 5 feet long, so I think both hubs are involved After paying for labor, possible new bearings and seals I can get a new hub for about the same $ and have new stuff.
My guess is you didn’t pump out all the bad grease. Instead, you pushed the old runny stuff to the top.

The spray pattern is indicative of water logged grease. Fresh grease wouldn’t splatter so easily or be black.