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Originally Posted by dawgsfish View Post
Seems like this is the most appropriate forum for this topic. Have a couple questions for anyone that is rather familiar with cradles for dry storage/forklift lift on a cat
Boat in question is 23.5', 25' with motors, 8.5' beam, and ~5000lbs

My questions are
-is there a recommended percent of length that the cradle should be to provide adequate stability and safety. For instance, I found a used cradle for sale that is only 10' long. I don't feel that is a comfortable length, but do not know what the minimum length should be in my search. Whether it's 15ft, 20ft, etc.

-next question is, if I do not find a used one (had one lined up for a 23' worldcat that sold before I could make the trip to Charleston), does anyone have any recommendations for a local trailer company that could build one that will be more affordable than say a float on or other big name shipped. Open to shops in South Georgia, south Alabama, or the panhandle of Florida.

Thanks in advance
Dawgfish, I have a used Float On cradle built for a 22' cat that is now available.