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Originally Posted by bellerive View Post
Well doesnt depend upon the gps antenna how close to the number I referenced....never mind....
No, the accuracy of the system has some limitations and going beyond 3 decimal minutes doesn't achieve any better accuracy, more decimals is relative to precision but not accuracy in the case of a single freq GPS unit (even with Glonass)

....Anyway the point is if I log a number down into excel it does not need any other characters in the numerical data entered then "26 00 000 82 00 000" and logging the late and longs in a different column.
If you are Degrees Minutes & Decimal minutes then nothing more than your example

...What is a good converting program of .xlsx to .gpx?
Is there such a thing? I would be exporting a sample .gpx file then try and duplicate that format in .xlsx (?) or a simple text editor and import it back?