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I don't have the numbers in front of me but the EGT curve of the 6.7 is quite different than the CAT, MTU and MAN engines I've used before. Their high temps are midrange rpms as they are just coming on boost and cool down considerably approaching cruise speeds.

Even water jacketed, you have hot, 750 degree gas flowing and paint just can't take that for long. Add to it the dirty little secret that many distributors will use rattle cans to touch up chipped paint during prep when they assemble gears, coolers, mounts AND risers. The factory Imron holds up well but the rattle can paint yellows quick!

Edited to add:

I just checked back through some sea trial data and confirmed the EGT's were hottest right at the hump as the turbo's are spooling up at 1600 rpm (905 degrees) and actually quite a bit cooler at 2800 (650 degrees). They did creep up from 2800 but only to 870 degrees at WOT.

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