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Default Re: Need info On Reverse Osmosis

They do make multiple membrane filters, but they are not very common. A single membrane should be fine for your drinking water application. The other "filters" are "PRE" filters for the membrane itself. The pre filters will make your membrane last much longer...and at about $100.00 a pop for some of the high end membranes, the $25.00 prefilters make sense.

Yes a 100 gpd is alot. Sometimes I do 100 gallons a week for the water changes, usually on the weekend. A 50 gpd wouldn't cut it. Also during the initial fill of the tank it would have taken four days or so to make that much water.

Some people use the waste water for gardens or watering the plants, generally it takes about 100 gallons of tap to make about 25-30 gallons of pure filtered water.
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