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We ending up putting in a tuna door (leaving the top area structurally intact) for our two large Labradors to get on and off, but us humans still need to go over the transom. The reason we did this was the yard who we have great respect for skill wise told us what ever we do you will still get cracks around the door area. Not to say if a lot of structural work is performed this couldn't be mitigated, but everything comes at a cost.

Now we run the ocean a lot so we kept that in mind when deciding what to do. Now I've seen guys on my dock literally take a saws-all and cut a door and it came out amazing good, plus it was a very low cost, and now here is the detail, they only do bay runs, anchor out etc, so the stresses on the transom area is minimal.

It's all what you plan to do with the boat, but the boat won't break apart by cutting out a transom door if that's what you are worried about, nor do I think you are heading to the canyons in that boat.

Good luck