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Default Well, last night was interesting

So, Sunday was a normal honey-do day with some simple chores and occasional checks on THT to see all was running well. When I finally took a break I started noticing my chest was a bit tight and I was short of breath. Next thing I know my heart is beating like a jack rabbit and my entire body has become numb. So, (after an act of congress) my wife convinced me to let her take me to the ER – I’m not one for hospitals!

When I arrived at the ER my initial blood pressure was 188/114! I tell you it felt like my head was about to explode. Once admitted, I had an EKG, Chest X-Ray, CAT scan of my head and a blood test to find what might be causing the blood pressure attack. After 3 hours lying in the ER room they gave me a pill to lower my BP and wanted to keep me overnight. I refused the overnight stay with assurance I would see my Doctor today and get on medication, which I did. Bottom line at 1:00am I was released, but I was still a bit concerned. The conclusion was “Severe Hypertension”!

Anyway I’m concerned but doing a bit better.

This note is not so much about Wiley’s “thinking he was a goner” experience so as it is what happened while I was lying in the ER with my wife beside me.

Around 11:30pm we overhear the hospital dispatch from Paramedics saying they were bringing in two girls, one non-responsive, both over-doses from drugs and alcohol. When the girls arrived by ambulance one was placed in the area next to me (separated by that curtain they use). They wheeled her passed us and she looked near death. She kept throwing-up and screaming so the staff placed a catheter in her and went on red-alert. Not pleasant. What was most shocking about this? The girl was only 13 years old!

It turns out the 13 yo girls sister was the other girl admitted in another area. I heard the staff talk that the 17 yo was much more serious (critical condition). So, now we have 13 and 17 year old sisters both in the hospital from drinking and drug overdoses, Xanax, marijuana and bottles of rum from what was reported.

So, tough night for the girls and their parent’s right? Well, mom strolls in to visit the 13 year old. Mom looked like she polished off a few down at the low-life grill herself. After looking at her 13 year old she said “I got to get away, I need air” and she went outside. Here this woman with 2 kids in the ER, one near death, and she “has to go get air”, leaving her kid alone while she was screaming – let me tell you my blood pressure again went through the roof.

End of story? Not yet. In yet another curtained room next to me is wheeled on by paramedics a 17 yo white male. The diagnosis was again a drug alcohol overdose but in an unrelated incident from the girls. This kid was so bad they had to strap him in and drug him out. We negotiated with the nurse to get me the heck out of there and she agreed.

On the way of the ER we saw “mom” outside acting as if she couldn’t believe what “she” had to go through, meanwhile her kids that could have used some comfort we’re suffering inside all alone. I didn’t make it obvious but shook my head at her and wondered if her actions are why her 13 and 17 yo girls are near death from an OD. Ya think? Sad!

Not sure of the girl’s final outcome but this was a first for me to experience the problem young kids are having with drugs and alcohol. I guess the days of a few beers with the buds are passé.

As for Wiley? Well, I begin my LOTREL and other treatments tonight. Doctor said I should take a break from the PC for a long while. See... I told you I was stessed!

Take care all
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