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I've been working a lot but had time to run a compression test on each of the four cylinders in an attempt to get full closure on why water is in oil and why it was running rough. After running engine on ear muffs for about 10 minutes in neutral, shutting off engine, then running tests my cylinder readings were as follows:
#1: 178
#2: 170
#3: 178
#4: 182
My Suzuki owner's manual states range should be 185-242 psi (page 2-23). Homeby51, I didn't add gear oil into the cylinders because I'm not familiar with this technique to check rings or heads. All need to be within 14 psi (which they are) but the compression is too low. After this was done, I opened oil drain plug and more water in oil...!
Is it worth hiring a mechanic to attempt to fix at this point? Or should I just move onto another engine or boat? I appreciate everything Inlander has stated as well in terms or moving is tough luck indeed! I had great times in this boat over the last 6 years I've owned it.