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Originally Posted by Blue_Moon View Post
I have the 239 with an F200 and like the 5.5 mpg at a 28 mph cruise, fully loaded. I would certainly consider an F300 and go that route if you want the faster plane time, speed, and could do with 4.2 mpg or so at cruise. If I ever re-power, Id go F300.

Note, I know my fuel mileage is higher than the performance report and I have the same configuration as in the report. Not sure why, I have doubled/tripled checked in various ways but consistently get over 5 mpg. There was an old report that matched my numbers but this is no longer on the Yamaha site. Great boat regardless.
I also have the 239 with the F200. I see very similar numbers as Blue Moon. I wavered on this decision for a long time, but in the end, I am totally satisfied with the 200. I've got 2 small and children and a third on the way, so the amount of time that I would be able to go 55+ mph would be few and far between. Similarly to Blue_Moon, if I need to re-power, likely repowering with a F300 but wouldn't rule out another F200. I love the boat. It's in MHC if you ever want a ride.