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You and I may be in the same boat...so to speak. Also have a new to me Wellcraft (2010) and it sounds like the same "marine" toilet setup. Are you sure there is a holding tank other than the little one on the lower half of your Dometic? If there is a real holding tank, there would need to be some pumping mechanism to move waste into the holding tank, and of course to pump it out again. If yours is like mine, it is set up so the waste can be vacuumed out. Thus the plumbing from the lower unit of the Dometic toilet. Mine goes to the gunnel. This is just so you don't have to remove the little tank on the toilet and go dump it. To call these a "marine head" is not really accurate. They are still portable toilets that are plumbed for vacuuming vs remove and empty. The water to flush...you have to fill the top part of the toilet with water. A real marine head is plumbed for this as well. If your setup is like mine. You must remove the unit and fill it, or bring a hose to fill it.

Hope that was helpful.