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Originally Posted by lovemydog View Post
There are endless reasons for a diesel to smoke.

1800 RPM's at the dock or under load?

Is the bottom clean?

Is the smoke from both motors?

What color is the smoke?

Does performance change?

"Air cleaner is dirty, engines a little dirty and soot in engine room". Assuming this is a statement then you have potential answers in two of those, air cleaner and soot in ER (exhaust leak)

What do the fuel filters look like? How old is the fuel?
I am looking into purchasing this vessel, I have asked most of these questions.
I did not drive the boat, it was picked up by a gentleman who brought it to this location to sell. He told me it began to smoke when under load at about 1800. So at that point he traveled at about 6-8 kn.
He had someone come to clean the bottom who reported it was not clean and he is coming back for a second cleaning.
Smoke is from both motors.
Smoke was black.
I cannot say about a performance change as I didn't ask, only that when he saw smoke starting he throttled down.
Exhaust leak seems like the most likely root of the problem. Not sure why I was not seeing this.
I do not know what fuel filters look like. Fuel is likely from October/November 2019. I was told by seller's agent (the gentleman that drove it to current location) previous owners used it frequently when they were in FL. He also said they were not down during Thanksgiving/Christmas and they passed in January. He has gathered information from previous neighbors and family.

Thank you for the input.