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Default Ocracoke After Action Report 7/29

Ive been lurking the forums for years manly because I am in "receive" mode for the wealth of information and frankly, as a boat owner for only four years, Im not the guy to provide a wealth of knowledge. Well, finally I might have some info that is useful to the community,

First off, I have a 17 foot cc with a 90hp on the back. The family an I took a 5 day trip to Ocracoke this week, and here are the details.

The Ferry: We originally scheduled a reservation for the cedar Island ferry a couple weeks out. There was actually on one spot left for a "double" available, and we took it.
Two days out from departure, the ferry service called us and said the cedar island ferry was canceled due to shoals. Swans Quarter was full, so we had to go all the way around to Hatteras to get the ferry there. The Hatteras ferry runs like every hour for 15 hours a days....and they don't do reservations. First come first serve. We got there at 10 am and got right problem. HOWEVER...when we got to Ocracoke, the people trying to come back to Hatteras had what appeared to be a about a three hour wait. This was at about 11 AM. Just FYI

The public ramp: We used the public ramp near the entrance to Silver Lake at about 12 pm at right about high tide.. We were the only ones there. No problem getting it in BUT,,,,it was literally about 3.5 feet of high tide for about 200 yards until I got to the channel. There may be some deeper water to get there, but I couldn't find it.

The other public ramp in Silver LAke itself (The one you need to block traffic to get into) is COMPLETELY inaccessible because a 30ft+ sailboat is blocking any entrance into the water.

Parking your trailer: There is public trailer paring right next to the ramp. You can park there and there is an expectation that you register it that day. The building to do this is 50 yards from the parking area and the office hours are 1030-1130, and 3:30-4:30. (Sunday) Not sure if the hours are different on weekdays. They allowed me to have there four days, no charge.

Fishing: We fished Teaches Channel extensively. Used fishbites, cutbait and jigheads with lime green and white gulp lures on the back. Caught drum, skates, and a TON of flounder. There is one spot as you head SE along teaches channel (almost to the inlet) where you see "No Landing Signs" . Just before that, there is a little tributary, and with jigheads and green gulp lures, I was catching flunder 12-18inces just about every third cast. They are not in season unfortunalty, so they all went back, but it was still fun. Also did some surf fishing with cut bait and caught some drum.

The Inlet: The inlet is SKETCHY for I guy with my limited experience. The water one day was nice, so I wanted to take it off shore maybe a mile or so to see what I could get. Followed the channel markers diligently, and it still got dangerously shallow, so I turned back.

MISC details: Ate at Mcalleys….good food, then at eh Italian join for pizza....good...then howards pub....sorry to say, Howards pub was NOT good.
Also...the one gas station on the island....ran out of gas as I was filling up...I got enough, but, anyone else was screwed. Show up with a full tank.

We stayed at the Ocracoke harbor inn...has its own dock for your boat (just make sure they know you are brining a boat) and the lodging was nice.

Hope this helps anyone considering going to Ocracoke, stay safe everyone.

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