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Originally Posted by FinReaper069 View Post
If it was going to be there more, a lift would be an option......but with the cost of the lift and the amount f times I would use it in the next 5 yrs, it would probably work out to well over $100 per use and thatís not happening. Ramp is used for now, but time consuming and a pain when your only there for 30-40 hours from time of arrival to departure.

Boats are lifted all the time by three points on a davits, why couldnít a trailer or cradle That is far below the davits lifting capacity be lifted that way? 15000lb davits and boat/cradle or boat/trailer combo would be probably less than 2000 lbs, 2500 Lbs at the most. Could also put a spreader bar on each davit so itís lifted by four corners and not three points.

Just throwing around ideas and what ifs.....
what you are suggesting is an overly complex way to save a few bucks, in relation to what you have invested overall.