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Default 1st Sailfish Last Week in PCB

Last Thursday morning the wife and I woke up and decided to run the beach in front of Shell Island looking for Tarpon. We ran to the last set of channel markers out of PCB inlet and bait was everywhere we looked. There was a current line with foam running east to west loaded with bait as far as I could see in both directions. We decided to drop back a live finger mullet to see what might be hanging under the bait. We bump trolled about 300 yards east of the red channel marker and got bit, I reeled it tight and a sailfish exploded out of the water about 100 yards behind the boat. When I saw what it was I started screaming at her to get my phone. My wife has fished with me less than 5 times in 20 years and could not render much assistance. I finally got it close to the boat but as I reached out to grab the bill with one hand while pulling the rod with the other the hook pulled 3 feet from the boat. It was probably best anyway as I didn't have on any gloves and the boat was in neutral. It was my first billfish and I was able to experience it with my wife as well as doing it on our own. It truly made the trip worthwhile. On a side note I saw 11 tarpon in the few hours I was able to fish them but never had a real shot a getting one to eat. My wife thought she videoed the whole fight but never started the video. I've got a short Gif of the fish by the boat but can't get it to load.

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