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As a previous owner of a ‘14 2400 TRS and current owner of a ‘19 Blackjack 256 I would probably give the nod to the Pathfinder. Haven’t been on a 26 HPS but the storage layout of my 2400 was a lot better than the 256. IMO, the lines on the Blackjack can’t be beat and it rides extremely well for a bayboat. Better than 2600?, that I can’t say but does have a better ride then the 2400 which could be expected but the 2400 was a nice ride and very dry.

My one complaint about the PF is the small console. That’s where I give the nod to the BJ. I like having dual 12” screens compared to one on the PF and the BJ has plenty of room inside the console for 5 batteries plus storage. Resale will probably go to the PF, they just seem to hold their value over time.