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Default Swim Platform Material

I am trying to attach a top mount swim ladder to my existing swim platform, but there are holes exactly over where I need to put the mounting screws. I was thinking about putting another level over the existing swim platform to cover it and make for an easier installation while in the water (no trailer and trying to avoid a haul out charge) and attaching the top mount ladder to it, but I am not sure of the best material to use. I was considering using a layer of King Starboard and screwing it down to the top existing platform (I cannot sandwich it on both sides of the swim platform as the bottom is not flat). The top mount ladder then would attach to the King Starboard with nuts, washers, and bolts (or screws). The bolts (or screws) that mount the ladder would get no support from the existing platform due to the holes. Would King Starboard work for this application? What thickness would I need for the swim ladder to hold with bolts?

Are there any other ideas or materials that would make for a better or easier in water installation? I am not the handiest guy around.

Thanks for any insights!