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I am doing that exact same thing you describe, I am using a Nolan’s RS11 unit to accomplish (well I just upgraded to two units to add more sensors, the AlbaCombi should work great, too). My two Fox marine units send tach, fuel flow, water temp, voltage, but not oil pressure (on my MEFI3 units however the fox marine unit should throw a warning code on the nmea bus if the oil pressure drops out as there is an input to the computer for the low oil pressure switch). I ripped out all my analog gauges and replaced them with garmin screens.

I use the Noland units for oil pressure, fuel tank level, and transmission oil temp (trans pressure and temp are exclusively on the NoLand unit, not on any other brands). For the inputs you can choose port or starboard. However, your assumption about the additional engines is correct, the garmin units basically see four engines now, two for each side, but it doesn’t matter as you choose which data you want to display. Everything is working great. Let me know if you have any other specific question I maybe able to answer.