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Originally Posted by davidwademarine View Post
Do your due diligence and talk to several different owners of the Suzuki 350s. There are a lot of them out there that havenít even made it to 500 hours without some serious problems. Thereís nothing they will do extraordinarily better than the Mercurys besides maybe a few (1-3mph) ticks on top end. Mercuryís warranty is light-years ahead of Suzukiís. Stick with the brand that provides the best local service to you. As wdlfbio mentioned, make sure you have access to good fuel if you go with Suzuki as they are not a fan of 87 octane. The Mercury V8 was designed to run on 87 octane fuel.
That is exactly what I have been reading. I guess that is due to the higher compression? Since last night I have read of a few issues some owners have had with the 350s. thank you for the input!!!