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Originally Posted by Bison View Post
Please explain to me a situation, in US waters, by which anyone would employ a deadly weapon, loaded firearm while boating, especially, against another human. As stated in an earlier post sharks can be released with the hook; other fished gaffed and/or batted in the head before being boated. I have been boating since nine years of age on the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Lake of the Ozark's, New York Finger Lakes, Erie Canal, British Virgin Islands, the Grenadines and now the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina, and at no time in 59 years of boating experiences did I ever feel the need to carry a firearm on a vessel.

Why? Under what possible scenario would one feel in need or empowered to carry a firearm on a recreational boat? The only possible reason, I could envision “to be packing” would be while long distance cruising in international waters in the vicinity of a rogue nation, and even then one has to assume to be seriously out matched in fire power.

Even if you are an individual who does not share my perspective, regarding fire arms and boats, what do you think your fate would be in court, under existing social tensions, should your weapon discharge either on purpose or accidentally and injure or kill another person? Further, simply brandishing a weapon for whatever reason will most probably result, at minimum in court appearance of some variety.

It is my understanding of North Carolina regulation firearms are not allowed at State launching ramps.
Except where facilities are provided and approved uses are posted, it is unlawful to use any public fishing area for purposes other than fishing. All prohibited uses and activities shall be posted including possession of loaded firearms (except as allowed in Paragraph (b) of this Rule), swimming, launching or mooring jet skis or boats, skiing, building fires, operating concessions, or other activities not directly associated with fishing.

As the “Coastie” said, above, no Federal Law precludes possession of a firearm on a boat, but is there a risk worth the dangers? If you are compelled to carry a firearm on your boat ensure that if you are ever boarded by law enforcement or USCG that the very first thing you tell them is a firearm is on the vessel and its exact location.
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