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Default People are nuts??

I have had several buddies who are not even serious fisherman get into heated conversations with people, particularly assholes from Zekes Marina over so called “private spots”.

In one case there was was a fatality as the charter captain (from Zekes of course) tried to ram my friend, (whose family has had a place in Josephine for 100 years, grew up on the water, and is an excellent boatsman (not a tourist) but not really a big time fisherman. He guy went nuts after he made the mistake of trolling too close to a charter boats private spot. He said he was 100s if yards from the boat. He started cussing like crazy, and whipped his boat around cut off my buddies lines, then he whipped around again so hard passenger was thrown off and killed.

I know at least 12 people that have had guns pulled on them, shots fired across the bow, rammed, heavy weights chucked at them, all lines cut etc over this stupid “private reef” shit in Alabama. Someone will be killed again within the next 5 years easily.

This shit needs to stop, the castle doctrine in bama, Florida and Mississippi allowed one to use deadly force in the event you feel your life is being threatened at home, in your car, boat, ATV, tractor, probably riding a horse etc. So if one of these Dekes Marine idiots runs into the kid with the AR-15, and tries some of this crap and gets sprayed a few times or killed, if it’s in state waters, they will not even send it to grand jury. I have seen the cases.

i don’t know how you carry a weapon on a boat without it being concealed. But everyone with boat over 40 feet in the 80s and 90s did it for fear of drug pirates.

Alabama Wildlife and Fisheries needs to send everyone with a saltwater license a warning on this and written explanation you have no exclusive rights to anything on the bottom of the gulf. There are no private reefs. Anyone freaking out over this, and threatening people should have their numbers publicly posted and their fishing license suspended, at a minimum. That would stop a lot of if. some of the deke freaks should have had all their licenses pulled long ago.

But they will wait until someone is killed first, or a big shootout occurs.

This foolishness needs to stop.