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Originally Posted by Maybe Tonight View Post
Oh MAN!!! I would LOVE to do this on my 2008 Southport!!! LOVE THIS!!!

Could you possibly give a HIGH level of how the connections are made ?? Are there single large gauge positive / negatives brought to the new switches assembly to power them all ? and then the existing load runs terminate on a pole of each new switch ??

Maybe you could message me with a ballpark on what a panel similar to this would be ? Understanding that I would not expect that ballpark figure to be written in stone
Absolutely Maybe Tonight - we'd love to help you with a simlar project. Shoot us an email to - or give us a shout at (843) 297-8348 to get one started!

Regarding the wiring, this might help others also, so I'll post it here.

With rocker switches, like we did on this Southport, there's basically two wired options... jumpers, or "fully wired":

With jumpers only, you can see above that there's one open terminal on each switch... you would just push your old wire back onto the new switch. They are 0.250" Quick Connects, the same connectors you have on the back of your toggles (at least this Southport did).

With "Fully Wired" we build a harness that goes off the panel. This is helpful if you're changing the position of the switches because the old wires may not reach.

It's also nice to connect to a terminal block so you can easily ID and troubleshoot and modify or add loads to switches from the block.

They are terminated with ring terminals and labels with professional Heat Shrink labels:

It also allows you to use jumpers, like this, and send one switch to multiple loads... for example if this 28 Southport boat had multiple courtesy lights, you could wire it this way.

In some cases we may also provide an input fuse block... like this Contender panel with push button switches. In this case the customer wanted all new blocks and devices, so it came pre-wired with fuse block, terminal block and negative bus bar.

Here's some of our assembly techs wiring up some panels. These guys are real pros, do this all day, everyday with many custom projects daily... they've seen it all.