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A few more of this Southport boat dash being put together in our shop:

Jesse is assembling the panel with blue LED rocker switches and starting the wiring for the harness.

wiring dash panel

The output harness will connect with this 2008 28 Southport's load wiring harness. We made it about 2ft, so the customer could cut the 12 year old ends off the wire and even though the new blue LED rocker switches are not in the same locations as the old Southport toggle switches - we can still ensure that they will reach.

Building output harness for southport

Remember above where I mentioned that this Southport boat had a few breakers in the old panel? Since each panel is custom made, we were able to replace this functionality. We inserted two thermal breakers into the acrylic, and laser etched labels for them right into the dash. These labels will never wear off, and look incredible. I love natural etching into acrylic as well as the backlit inserts. This Southport is going to look hot!

breaker's laser etched labels on southport helm plate