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Here's some pictures of other Southport boat dash panel's we've done in the past:

This one, I really like... the brushed silver material looks great. I'll try and find the install picture of this one. The white backlit switches you can see how they will be very readable at night. A great project... this Southport boat's dash panel was 3/8" double ABS.

Brushed silver, white backlit rocker switches

This one... and as you can see (even though Southport kept the same shape) has different switches, and more breakers. We really want to make each project custom... we have to. Boats are so customized, so personalize, so tinkered with over the years, that by the time the boat is 5 or 10 years old it has been upgraded and changed, and new things added or taken away. So we make each dash panel to match... both the owners aesthetic preferences, and to make sure we accommodate to make sure the project functionally makes sense with any modifications the boat has undergone.

This one is Carbon fiber print, with a laser etched logo, and little pinstripe design feature. These are our contura II switches, a little more 'classic' than the contura V's. They light up, but are not backlit at night.

Carbon Fiber with Southport logo and etching