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The whole thing to me is a never ending circle.

Police work when it goes hands on is dirty and not pretty. You have to make split second decisions that literally impact the entire nation. Out of the millions of interactions, laser focus is put on the bad decisions. Statistically any rational person knows that these “incidents” are mathematically unavoidable. That sounds cold and cruel but it is reality. The problem is emphasizing by the media that police work needs to be perfect or not exist. Well neither of those is possible so they do the best they can.

All these great ideas won’t help the street cop at 3am when he is fighting for his fight with a career violent felon. Now he has his life and families life destroyed for trying to do the right thing. After all this crap you will get less and less qualified people raising their hand to be target.

Cops will simply stay in their car and take the report after the crime is done. Criminals will be empowered and the citizens will be the victims. If the citizens stop suspects, they will be labeled by the same media as vigilantes and have their lives ruined as well.

More training is always a good thing but these events will never stop. I don’t condone them and they are wrong but I understand that statically they happen. We have to do everything “reasonable” to prevent them and take action for justice after the fact just like any other crime if the cop is at fault but what I hear today is more scary then anything less.

Baltimore after the Freddy Gray case is the perfect examples. The cops simply stopped caring.