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More training has to be the biggest, most valuable thing that the police force NEEDS. Along with mandatory XX amount of hours worth of college level criminal justice courses. Then lets get them aligned with how to de-escalate a scenario without excessive use of force. Other countries do it regularly and successfully, and that could be due to a population with less access/availability to guns/lethal weapons.

It's vitally important to recognize the difference between defunding and disbanding. Just take a look at all of these city budgets and how much money is allocated to the police departments. And for what, to stock up on ammunition/guns? We need to spread the budget to areas lacking vital funding. Our school systems for example. How many times have you heard a teacher say they needed to purchase goods for their classroom out of their own pocket? This is just one, basic, high level area where funding is needed. We need to invest more in our communities versus the people that "protect" them. I don't discount the importance of police, and honestly believe it's just time to reevaluate their presence in society and transform how they interact with all of us.

I just heard on the local FM talk radio station this morning how police have to make split second decisions for their lives (justifying the Atlanta shooting that recently happened). Do I understand this, absolutely. At the same time, we should recognize that not everyone that enters the police academy (regardless of physical ability) is meant to, or can handle being put in those situations. That's where rigorous psychological testing should occur prior to entering a position where you have the decision to take someone's life.