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Default 2008 28' Southport Dash Panel Makeover

We've replaced the dash panels on a a lot of Southports. They seem to have used this same tombstone shaped dash for many, many years... so we've been able to re-use the shape, probably a dozen or more times. We usually can't to that because the OEM's make minor changes so regularly - even within model years. But Southport, thank goodness found what they liked and stuck with it!

This time we have a 2008 28 Southport, and I believe it's the first one we're doing a blacked-out acrylic dash for.

Here's the starting point:

BEFORE the Southport dash panel remodel

Here's a closeup of the old lit tip toggle switches. I'm surprised some of them aren't broken off already... we've seen a fair amount of broken ones. They look metal, but have plastic bats.

Southport toggle switches - soon to be upgraded!

Notice how this Southport has a few extra breakers thrown in there (VACFlush, Trim Tabs... we'll take care of those, but not awkwardly put them next to a switch).

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