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Also keep in mind that - at least up here in the Northeast, lots of summer camps and trips have been cancelled and we have seen a huge spike in new and used boat sales to people who are looking for a summer activity. My "marina" had 4 used boats for sale when they opened their doors in late April and sold all 4 for asking price in one week. People are trying to pay a premium to buy a spot - there are none. And this is a small place on a smallish lake in southern VT. One guy came by and said that camp was cancelled for his 3 kids so he had $40K is camp costs sitting in his pocket and thought he would buy a boat so he could have fun with the kids this summer.

Purpose of this story - if there is one - is that is safe to assume a higher percentage of less experienced boaters out there right now. Probably more so on the local lakes. Even if none of them are idiots and every one of them has taken a safety course and means the best, there is no substitute for experience. The very best of us - even Mystery - started fresh and learned along the way. So I plan on giving everyone even more space than usual, keeping my "frustrating trigger" dialed down and hoping to help where I can. If nothing else, it should improve my enjoyment and keep my crew a bit safer.