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Default Lake Sinclair accident

Took me some time to decide if this is appropriate. But hopefully it will prevent similar accidents. I wasn't there or have not seen police report so I will not speculate exactly what happened. What I know was on 5/30 at Lake Sinclair in middle GA three kids were being towed on a tube. Somehow the tube was ran over by a tri toon boat. Two of the kids managed to get off and mostly out of the way with no injuries. The third was an 11 year old girl from my hometown.
The girl was ran completely over by the boat and sustained multiple injuries. Was life flighted to Atlanta children's hospital. She has had multiple surgeries to repair broken bones and nerve damage. An artery was also severed in her leg. She is going to have a long recovery.
I am writing this for multiple reasons. She is a classmate of my 11 year old daughter. She is also an avid softball player like my daughter. We were at the coast tubing on the same day when we got the news. It struck very close to home. Our community was deeply affected by this.
One thing I wanted to do was increase everyone's awareness when you are on the water. There seems to be more boats on the water this spring than ever. It only take a lapse of attention for a second to cause untold harm to yourself or others. Please stay vigilant. Have to look out for yourselves and other less attentive boaters.
There is a go fund me page called Tylee's recovery. She is in for at least a month in the hospital and years in follow up. This will be very difficult for the family. If this request for them is appropriate hopefully members here will step up to help.