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Originally Posted by HatchieLuvr View Post
thank God it was foam filled
Is it? Was that at your hand or are they all foam filled? I know for sure my pontoons are hollow, not sure what else might be full of foam but I do know I can throw a 250lb man in my boat with me and still float fine. That said, I'd say your tinny is the ideal boat. I have to pick my days on lake mead, with a 14-16 ft deep V I'd probably feel better in the more open waters.

Either way, I bought this over a 10ft jon and couldn't be happier. I've hopped over boat wake and chop that a small flatbottom jon wouldn't survive. I'm debating adding another layer of protection for the underside since I'm constantly dragging it on sand, I'm thinking a thin epoxy coating should do.

Best of all, a single gallon gas can lasts me 8 hours of constant trolling and exploring, and even then I come home with some left in the can. Almost makes an 8mph top speed worth it!