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Originally Posted by Rubbermade View Post
Does really well for what it is!
Tis all that matters! I also have a little two man pondhopper like yours. Duck hunted with it one morning when it was about 5 degs and the frozen plastic cracked above and below the waterline (thank God it was foam filled, I didn't know it was taking on water until later that summer when it just "got really slow" while fishing one afternoon. That sumbeech musta took on 200# of water in the foam but it stayed topside luckily.) I need to patcher up and getter back out on small waters. I also have a 16' Lowe aluminum bassboat with a 50hp Erude. I use and abuse that thing more than anyother boat I've ever owned. I have a 35acre oxbow on my property so it gets fished in ALOT.

I call all these expensive, pretty boats "Fishn Boats". But these small, lightweight, cheaper boats like your pondhopper and my lil tin rig, I call them "catchn boats" because you're usually in smaller, more productive waters with them vs the larger stuff anyway!