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Brad1 - 5/19/2007 10:24 PM

makosteve66 - 5/19/2007 6:40 PM
Brad1 - 5/18/2007 9:47 AM

Just1more, Thanks for the name of the device. Consider me put in my place.

Tireless, I was replying to someone else. But thanks again for mentioning the sound wave test.

Everyone, I've never had a home built before. I understand that mistakes will be made. And believe me, this issue with the covered up box was not the first mistake. Actually, there have been about 1/2 dozen so far. And I have kindly mentioned them to the GC. Some have been corrected, while some have not. The box behind the wall was the first that I consider to be a genuine safety issue. Again, let me emphasize that it is not this one box that is the issue. It is the boxes that are covered and not known about that are the issue. To those who put me down for getting worked up over this. How would you feel if you knew there was a possibility of an exposed live wire behind your wall, but you didn't know where it is. Not to mention your paying a quarter million dollars to be in that situation. Maybe your family's safety doesn't mean much to you, but mine matters alot to me. Trust me. I don't like screwing people. That is not my motivation. But if it comes down to screw, or get screwed, I prefer to give rather than receive.
Just curious - what do you do for a living? It must be nice being perfect, This may be th first house you are having built, but with this attitude how do you sleep at night under any roof, or get an a car, or a boat or anything for that matter, I mean if you didn't see it being built how do you know you are safe? Maybe the boat builder has a worker having a bad day the day he laid up the hull. Or, Oh my god are there any wires too close to my exhaust or fuel tank. There is some help for someone like you, run do not walk to the nearest mental health facility you can find. But don't eat from the cafeteria - heaven only knows what goes on in that kitchen where they are preparing your food. In fact I'd go to the ER now just to get a check, but then again how do you know the Dr. did not cheat on his boards? You sir are one sick puppy
Yeah, and I guess hiding behind your computer throwing insults at people makes you feel like a man.

I'm not hiding behind anything. If you ask around here - you will see that I rarely would ever make apost like that, but you are making a tremendous mountain of a molehill, and in the end it will only cause you grief. When I made that post it ws only after reading 4+ pages of people giving you sound advice - people that are in the construction business, yet instead of heeding that advice you kept on finding ways to insult them and made comments like "I don't know about you, but I take the safety of my family very seriously"

If you seek the advice of others, it should mean that you are trying to decide how to handle a situation from people whose area of expertise and experience can only help you. because when you get down to it, helping each other is the main point of this forum. What you are describing is such a minor, easily fixable problem, and heeding the advice of others and telling the GC would only make your whole experience that much smoother, but it seems your mind was already made up. I am not in the business but woulf venture to guess that this happens all the time and is fixed all the time as SOP, so I took my examples to the extreme in a last ditch effort to make you realize how trivial the issue really was.

I take the safety and well being of my family and friends more serious than just about anything in this world, and my points - though exagerated are actually true comparisons of what is reality. Mistakes are made and mistakes are fixed, and the mistake you are harping about is really trivial and probably occurs more often than not, you just happened to find out about it, and instead of being upfront with it, you were going to taunt you GC - yeah that would be effective. A more intelligent and diplomatic way would be to show him the mistake and voice your concerns about others being missed and him walk through the house with you room by room to ease your fears. Instead to handle it the way you proposed would have left the guy feeling "go to He!! with you" and not really give damn about anything other than getting the job over with and stop having to deal with a baby such as yourself.

Do not accuse me of hiding behind my keyboard. IM me and I'll give you my contact info and I would say the same thing to your face. Go ahead, run a search on every post I have ever made and you will see that I am only here at this forum to learn, help others when possible, and just enjoy my all too precious free time. I have taken the advice of others when I ask for opinions - more often than that have cme with a better solution than I would have come up with myself. I than publicly thank the poeple that help and I am gracious and admit when I am wrong. My post to you was out of character for me, and for that I will be the bigger man and apologize, however I stand behind what I said, just maybe could have delivered it more gentle as to not hurt your feelings, but I was, and remain outraged that you would have so many people give you sound advice yet shoot it down as it seems your mind is made up. Good luck, as it sounds like you need it