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Default Re: Hey Glen & Ray It's at 106...Almost 107 !!!

Let me make an observation on Apple from a non Apple user (although I do have an ipod that I have used about 2x in 3 years). I have been on several flights lately and just happened to take notice of something. In the immediate seats around me, say 25 people, on the one flight I counted 3 Apple laptops and 7 iPods. Certainly a small sample but it caught my attention immediately. Ages ranged from the teens to the 70's (I swear the one guy was at least 70 with an ipod hookup up to his non apple laptop) and these people did not remove their headphones for the entire trip. So out of 25 people there were 7 ipods....that's impressive to me.
Now what I fugure to be more typical my nephew and wife need to buy another laptop. Knew they were going with Apple but did not realize it was their 5th Apple computer.

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