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Default RE: Builder Screw Up


Rather than play "guess the mistake" game with the GC or Drywall sub, point out the mistake to the GC.

I presume you have blueprints. I'd guess there is a wiring scheme for the house.
A simple walk through with the electrician, or GC will be able to identify the location of all outlets, wiring switches, fixtures etc. Now that the drywall is up, it's a great time to do this.

I've had various friends with heating vents, switch plates, and all kinds of plumbing devices covered. These are all easily findable and fixable with a simple walk through.

You will have to spend no more than 20 minutes with the builder and a set of blue prints to inventory all outlets. It's a good thing to do.

Best to do in one setting, rather than micromanage each and every error.

This is a very common oversight and simple fix. Building is stressful, and this one is just not worth losing confidence in the building trade over.

Do a walkthru with the builder/foreman and afterwards you will all sleep better.

Good luck.
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