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Default Re: Builder Screw Up

Looking back on my original post, I can see that I wasn't clear as to why I'm not telling them where the box was.

I agree that one covered box is no big deal (provided of course that it's corrected).

BUT, merely fixing that one covered box is not the key issue. The problem is, how many others were covered that I'm not aware of ????

I'm refraining from telling them the location of the covered box because, if I see they are able to locate it on their own, that will be an indicator to me that they checked the house for additional covered boxes. An absolute sure fire way of knowing that they found every one of them (if indeed there are more)? Of course not. But at least an indicator that they did some checking.

Sure, I took pictures of most of the walls before the drywall went up, but there may be areas that I don't have pictures of. Besides, the burden for catching all covered boxes shouldn't rest on my pictures.

The purpose to my having taken the pictures prior to the drywall installation was to have documentation of the location of utilities within the walls (plumbing and electrical) so in the future, if I have a need to make a repair or do a small project in the house, I know the location of the utilities beforehand (so as to save me time in the event of a repair, or plan properly in the case of a project). Also, the walls that are not "busy" with utilities (maybe just have some outlets on them and nothing else) I did not take pictures of. It just so happens that one of my pictures shows the box that was covered in the background.

I didn't take the pictures in order to document the builders mistake. This being the first home I ever had built, I never would of thought of that. But if I ever have another one built, I'll take the pictures and it would be for the purpose of catcihing a mistake (in addition to my original intent).