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I fish out of Venice a couple weeks a year in a 22 foot boat and if the weather is perfect you can make it out to one of the “Tuna” rigs but if you really want to catch one in June your chances are not very good and I think you will be disappointed. But if you just want to fight fish all day long and don’t really care what you catch any of the rigs out of south west pass or red pass will do the trick within10-12 miles you can get into 400+ ftw From the mouth of the pass and catch Snapper, AJ, Jacks, Bonita, Cobia and if your lucky you can find a lot of BF. There is all kinds of bottom fishing around those rigs to. If you want a big YF I would go together and charter a boat. We drive down with the boat a couple times a year from MI and never charter any more and I never have any regrets. Good luck and be careful, the navigation is serious but doable if you know what your doing and you do some research.