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Originally Posted by mth180 View Post
I fish out of Corpus Christi on a catamaran as well so welcome to the club!

I fish all Avet reels and use pinnacle rods (THT sponsor). I would start with 2 30 wides and 2 smaller reels. I use 4x SX Raptors and 4x EXW30s. The raptors work for top water trolling and can put out more drag than my 30 wides but I can also use them to drop for snapper and cast for cobia.
Good to meet you! I havenít pulled the trigger on anything yet, so I appreciate the input. Iíve been watching the for sale section thinking Iíd pick up a couple used 30 or even 50 wides and then fill out my spread with the TLD 25s, a pair of Daiwa 5000 and a pair of Torium. That should give me a pretty nice setup to start with and hopefully keep me close to my budget. I do really want at least two rods I can run some of the larger deep divers for wahoo.