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the closest place where I think you might have a decent chance is ELF (a spar type production platform) about 25 miles (se) out of the pass (south pass). Unfortunately south pass is barely navigable.There are other passes that can make Elf (also known as Matterhorn) a doable destination in your boat but none that would be good without local knowledge.You can make ELF out of SW pass but that will make it 15-20 miles further. Really for what you are wanting to do, there is no practical game plan without local knowledge.. A charter would be by far the best option, it might cost 2000+ but you can divide that up with as much as 6 people. There are a number of traditional tuna places out of southwest pass that could answer to your needs but your chances are not good for tuna on a single trip. Your dad could be real comfortable in a big 30-40'+ charter boat with the big ole bean bags . Don't go to the "east lump-s" wrong time of year and again a pass running issue.