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Default Re: What's a fair price for a 20 gun safe?

Mist-Rest - 5/16/2007 10:37 PM

I kind of thought so. The guy I bought mine from didn't even spel like you. I was very happy with the deal w/o the BS right out of the gate.

I'm more than willing to stay "local".

I can not only talk the talk........ I'm more than able to walk it too.

Just thought I'd give you a chance to step up North for a spell and show us how you do it and show us really dumb 'folk' how it's done.

Not much into banging wits with ya. More of a case of seeing where you really stand being a "Hatt Boy".
Hey, all kidding aside if you guys really want the straight scoop on a gun safe, send me a PM or give me a call 800/251-9992 (hope that's okay WileMan). If I can help you directly, fine, but I've been in this industry for over 28 years and can point you in the right direction.

Places like Sam's do have some decent safes from time to time, but they have some real junk too. Gun safes are 90% smoke and mirrors, and gun safe salesmen are 99% BS. Yep, I'm in the elite 1% who can get people fixed up without a bunch of BS. That's what's kept me in business for 26 years on a national scale.

Hey, I am actually planning a trip to the great hyped north the end of July to meet up with some Hatt Boys on Wrong Island. I've never been to Maine or TeddyLand, but I hear Maine is beautiful and know some folks from there.

I plan to settle the war of northern aggression with a little bit of Southern sneakyness and alcohol evaluation. You kin cum two if yeeon't two!