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Gelcoats are usually around 20/1000 of an inch, .02". Just a protective and decorative layer. The fiberglass can be 1/4 to 1 inch thick or more, depending on what boat and what part of the hull. Buffers can burn the gelcoat, and gelcoat can wear down and through over the years. Buffing through a gelcoat that isn't already worn thin is unlikely, and buffing through any significant amount of fiberglass is near impossible. There are a lot of videos online that can teach you how to buff without burning or excessively wearing your gelcoat, best you watch those before doing it yourself. Maybe ask someone experienced to let you help them buff a boat while they teach you.

As far as the carpet glue, no, it is not a structural part of your boat, you can remove the carpet and glue without compromising the strength of your hull. If there is structural weakness in your hull, carpet glue is not going to make a difference.

When you get a few more posts in, you can post up some pictures, guys on this forum can give you a lot of good guidance from a few pictures.

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