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Default Waxing/buffing a possibly thin 1973 SeaCraft Hull

Hi, I have a 1973 20 Ft SeaCraft potter built and I was looking for an answer to a question I have about buffing the side and I ended up on this site. I am not the first owner of this boat and she definitely was not keep in premium condition for most of her life. There hadn't been any real restoration to the boat until this year when we got the transom rebuilt, since then I have started to keep her in much better condition, I have been hesitant to take a buffing wheel too the side of the boat to get a nice wax because I'm afraid that the hull is so old I might just poke right though the gel coat; what do you think the odds of that realistically happening, my father also believes that if I take the carpet up from underneath the gunnels on the bow that the glue holding that down could also be holding the hull together because it hasn't been touched in 50 years. I really hope he is wrong because I believe it would look much nicer without the carpet - I tried a small area and it came out very nice. I was thinking there might be a product that I could apply weekly or something that would slowly thicken the gelcoat or built up a thick coat of wax so I could start buffing it again. Tell me he's crazy and it would be fine, if not and he is right is there any such compound that would thicken the gel coat or should I leave the carpet on, or at least how thick should the hull on the bow be?

- Sam

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