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Originally Posted by NCSUboater View Post
Oh yeah, wife and I are big fans. Gore does nothing for me, I'm more into the psychological horror or found footage.

​​​​​​Recently some of the best have been Insidious, Hell House, and the Paranormal Activities. Also The Omen (any of them), Blair Witch, etc. And I don't necessarily consider it horror but The Shining is one of my favorites.

Same here! I donít necessarily mind gore if it works within the framework of the film and is not simply shock gore like Green Inferno, etc.

A couple of my favorites have some gore cringe scenes but the movies are too great not to watch.

I Saw the Devil (Korean but out of the world good) 9/10
Bone Tomahawk 7/1

Loved Hereditary, and Hell House. Haunt was good too. Loved insidious.