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Originally Posted by stokes_landing View Post
I think member TorFed has to be the most well-read and knowledgeable person on the planet regarding horror books or movies. I've read with great interest multiple threads on Stephen King, Lovecraft...all things horror related.
I can recommend the new adaptation of Dracula on Netflix. There was a great thread on here back when it was released. I also very much enjoyed the recent sequel to The Shining but didn't enjoy It 2 as much as I was hoping.
Thanks. I have. A library at home of over 1k horror novels and non-fiction on various occult and paranormal topics I've read. If it is a horror movie worth watching I've seen it.

Love Hereditary. Every time I watch it I pick up on something new. A24 as a studio is absolutely killing it in the horror genre. I'm glad to see a focus on horror returning to atmosphere, tone, and dread with intelligence.

Check out A Dark Song. Recent movie that does a great job.