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Default Re: Lower insurance rates...

RI Builder - 5/16/2007 10:44 AM


That article appears to only talk about commercial insurance and not residential property.
Storms aren't very picky.

Seriously, the same is happening on the residential side. The insurance companies have made money and we are seeing more and more competition in both commercial lines and personal lines. However, like the article said about coastal commercial exposures, they are just as scared, if not more so, of coastal residential exposures.

What is the answer? Either let the rates go where they should on the coast and pi$$ off the coastal property owners or subsidize the rates in some shape or form and pi$$ off those who are doing the subsidizing.

One thing I keep going back to. If the big bad greedy insurance companies can make money in these areas, why aren't they falling all over each other trying to write the business?
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