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Default Re: Dodge 1500 5.7 Hemi for towing??

I own a 2004 1500 Hemi. But mine is a rear wheel drive with anti-spin rear end. Presently 45k miles on it. Plenty of power to pull anything you want. I can't complain about traction with the rear wheel drive either. If you are towing with it select the tow/haul mode and put it in cruise control as much as you can, let the computer control the shifting, it does a good job of it. I noticed you have a 210 Sea Pro I figure it would tow that boat with no problem.

Gas mileage?

The very best I ever did get on the hwy is 18.1 mpg, with an average in city mileage of about 15mpg. Towing 4000# at interstate speeds, I try not to look, but it is around 10.5- 11.3 mpg. Now the bright side is if you are towing 4000# the truck will perform just the same as if you were towing nothing at all. Brakes have not been an issue on mine, but some of the early '04s had some problems, but if you are buying used with a few miles on it this should have already been taken care of.

I have zero maintenance issues with the truck, no failures at all. Oooppps! Wait one. I remember the rear end went out at 15k miles but it was replaced with same day service and at zero cost to me. Some sort of small retaining clip that held the shims in place broke and ended up in the gears. They told me this was a common failure, but the replacements came with a different retainer. To date I have had no reoccurrance.

The other manufactorers have some things that are better than the Dodge. Ford is much queiter in the cab, Chevy rides a little better,. But considering overall cost and the performance I have recieved I think I made a good choice and would do it again. Maybe I would go for one of them Mega Cabs.
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